All I can say is, apparantly Vipprimo got gaped, and complained about it, so Omess got banned, and now everything sucks.


    I mean, seriously, what the fuck? Whose definition of offensive are we using? Anything I say can be deemed offensive by someone, I'm sure. I haven't been around for a few weeks because this shit hole went to hell, and now it's just a sad empty shell of what it was. Noobs need to grow a pair, pull out their rag, and quit bitching.


    Go ahead JeffK. Ban me. Remove me from a forum in which I do not participate. Fuck you. You seriously suck. This "forum" seriously sucks. Everyone here sucks.


    Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits.

    • ♥messiah♥

      He didn't get gaped, I told him how excited I was to be talking to a famous person.  That's literally all I said!  I'd say go back and read my posts but that isn't possible anymore.  He was way meaner to me than I was to him so really he should have gotten the boot.