• Jeff K.

    We're going to be much more firmly adhering to the Terms of Use of the ESP site. Any site member who continually acts in violation of those terms won't be welcome anymore. We've just had too many reports from people who feel they can't participate on the forum and other site functions due to the toxic environment that gets promoted by a few people. We're done with accommodating the bad behavior of those few at the cost of the majority of cool people here. You'll shortly be seeing a simplified code of conduct posted here, and we appreciate all who follow it.

    • vipprimo

      I see the code has already been posted.  Thanks.  I wish there was some sort of "pin" feature that would allow it to kinda stay at the top, so when a new member comes in they can see it.  The worst thing to happen would be someone comes in and says something right on the line and gets banned and then they complain they never saw it.  If it's pinned up there you can't have any excuses.

    • omessiah's ghost

      Do we really have to play this game again?  Tell me how I can violate TOS that I never agreed to.  There were no clear rules when we switched over.  If you recall I even asked what they were so I would be able to adhere to them.  Any rules I've broken have been a failure on your part since you never bothered to clarify what they are.  Its low to boot me off a site I've been posting to for 14 years, its bullshit to do it for breaking rules that didn't exist!  I spelled out "fix the forum" on the front page, give me a break.

      Be honest, how many people complained about the site being unusable because of my "toxic content".  Is it more than the amount that complained about it being unusable because posts disappear, you can't follow conversations or you can't post images?  Its like tens of times fewer people?

      Here's what happened.  Vipprimo doesn't like me complaining about the forum and considers this hapring or something.  I could go on about the irony of that coming from somebody who criticizes every post I make and in reality is a million times more negative than me but whatever.  JeffK sees this and realizes he has an excuse for the the lack of content.  Its not a failure on his part, its all my fault!  This may work in the short term but two months from now when the forum has even fewer posts (remember I was making like 20%+ of the posts) reality will set in.  When that time comes you can blame it on someone else but eventually you will run out of scape goats.  You'd be much better off just fixing this place.

      Please don't just delete this.  I'd love to get some real clafication as to what just happened!