• exhibit-sbt

    Recorded a few tracks for our demo/EP.

    I've been tinkering with tones and trying to figure out a good solid sound for our EP we are working on.  These tracks are not fully mastered yet, but just seeing about some constructive criticism on how it's sounding so far.  It's a thrashy/death/blackened kind of style I guess.  Everything recorded was miced. Mesa Recto -> Mesa 2:50 (el34ls) -> Engl E530 -> Homebrew Doomsday OD -> Emg 81s (18v).  The solos aren't really set in stone yet either. Definitely not my strongest point as I'm more into riffage.  We may also be redoing the vocals for a more aggressive style, but still some clarity.

    The band is Suppressive Fire, we're a three piece, www.facebook.com/suppressivefire  <-required spam link, appreciate any board support since we're like, really new to our local area.

    Here's the tracks..  Enjoy.





    • exhibit-sbt

      lol, i should have posted this 5 years ago.  fuck these forums.

    • metalhobo

      getting a kindof demolition hammer vibe from parts of track 2, but you need to make the tone more crushing. Try scooping out the mids and turning up the bass guitar. Less Slayer more this:


      • exhibit-sbt

        That is a sexy crushing sound.  I'll tinker a bit more and see what can be done when we sit down to master them.   I have three more songs to record and I've been using my amp settings as per live shows, first time recording so I'll see about dipping the mids a bit and how I like it on the actual recordings. 

    • .

      I haven't been listening that much metul these days but I dig and cool drum sound.

      I'm not sure if the metul look fits but you are good looking. Do a few months of lifting and everyone will literally want your dink.