• Gfunk

    That is crazy!  Our Dexter was anything but patient, especially when it came to squirrels.



    Dexy G has been gone for almost two years now:


    • KFW

      Maybe patient isn't the word...because he is ABSOLUTELY impatient when it comes to food. He freaks the fuck out when he sees the other dogs eating and hasn't gotten his food. And when he sees you preparing his bowl, he acts like he's never had food in his life. We had to get him one of those irregular bowls to force him to eat slower--he was scarfing down entire cans of food in 2 huge bites and then shitting everywhere. 


      But when I've taken him for a walk, he just stands there and waits for you to put on the leash and open the door. Doesn't demand too much affection, and he'll just wait for you to pet him. And I had to give him some eyedrops when I was taking care of him, and he just sat down and let me put them in. Honestly took it better than I would have, teehee.


      How big was your Dexter? Ours looks pretty small, although the breeder thinks he'll be big. But I can't help but think he's going to stay a bit smaller...and when I look at pics of your dog he looks absolutely massive. He's around 5-6 months old and weighs somewhere in the ballpark of 65 pounds, and is 23 inches tall. 



    • jt76

      hey, can't send you a message because this site is a pain in the ass,  but there is a red esp traditional tele that looks just like my 400 series on http://used.guitarcenter.com/usedgear/index.cfm  select just in and search esp, it is not up on the main GC site that you can actually order from, but you can call the store and buy over the phone i think, or you can go to your local guitar center and buy it there.