• ChainOfThought

    Admission: I'm starting to hear (and subsequently be annoyed by) the non-humanness of the drums, but only in the cymbals.  The kick doesn't bother me being machined, I dig the consistency there honestly.  The snare, to me, doesn't sound TOO terribly machined, I think the dynamics settings in Kontakt are doing enough for it.  But the cymbals....identical sound, every hit, it's starting to bug the shit out of me.


    you win this round Kirk...

    I'm pretty damn happy with the overall mix at this point, maybe just need to brighten the guitars back up a bit if I can, but I dig the tone there enough as is and they don't honestly have a lot of useable high end anyways. 

    So I guess now ill focus my attention on trying to intelligently humanize the drums (i.e. Not just select the track and hit humanize)


    edit: if you read the previous post before I edited it, hit read more again, I uploaded a new mix with a much better low end.