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    Thanks, I didn't mean to sound like a dick, just one of those posts that rambled on I guess.  I can definitely see the strengths of the older clip vs the bassy one...more clarity & more separation between the instruments & whatnot...I'm just trying to get to where I can retain some/all of that but also have the bass/sub-bass freq's to drive it all a little harder.

    However...I'm still liking the way more bass more :P  I'm messing with it right now though, hunting the 'correct' frequencies down to boost & cut is already making a difference.  I had both the kick and the snare boosted where there wasn't really shit going on.


    That said, I'm playing with a SLIGHT (ok not really, 1.7dB) boost at 40hz and large (4.4!) at 70hz on the kick (edit: Removed the 40hz boost, it was a bad idea.  Brought the 70hz boost down to around 1.5).  I re-did the high end of the kick as well, a little less of that death-metal click that I still love, but overall better I believe.  In the OP I had like a 60hz wider-q boost on the kick and then 125 for the snare, which is now at 165hz.  Etc etc etc...I also completely re-did the toms & I think they're much better now as well.  Had all 4 of those fuckers boosted at like 60-90hz with random boosts in the high-mid section, now they each have a frequency notch between 140 (and a small bump at 75 on the floor tom) and 205 in ascending order.  The cymbals I don't fuck with, they've each got a HPF but its not very strong on them (I don't notice much difference wherever its set) and thats it.


    Granted, with these samples it seems to take some rather large boost & cut to get anything anywhere.  I know everyone says SSD is 'mix ready' but I find that it really takes a lot of experimenting with layering kick & snare samples and then EQ'ing the shit out of them to get what I want.


    And I would probably totally agree with you at lower volumes...I'm not sure if its just the way I have/had everything mixed or if its just natural (haven't really compared it to 'real' music for this particular thing) but at lower volumes the bass definitely takes the fuck over.  

    Oh I also put more of the high-end back in the guitars, I had LPF's on each around 5k, bumped them back up to 6k.  I also brought their HPF's back up to 200 from the 100 I had them at in the OP.  

    I only have my sennheisers on me at the moment though.  I can't tell if they give SUCH a clear representation of the low-end that I'm not used to it and can't interpret what its going to translate to on regular speakers, or if they just don't push as much low-end energy and so I don't hear just how loud the lows are.  But either way I have a harder time setting the bass guitar level with them and making sure there's not too much low end.  I usually check against my regular apple earbuds and/or a car stereo after I mix with these but right now I'm not inclined to go through the trouble...its time to pass out.

    I've tried uploading 3 times now, its taking forever and either won't process or won't save/publish, so I give up.  I'm taking it as a sign that I need to revisit it tomorrow and adjust something before posting again :P




    edit: Alright, changed a few more things (hi-hat was too loud but only when played on the 'semi-open' notes so I dropped the velocity on those and tried 6% humanization of the velocity on them as well.  Brought the bass HPF up a slight bit more to around 160-180, changed the sub-bass boost on the master eq a bit etc etc.  Right now I'm thinking this is a pretty sweet mix.  It sounds to me like I've managed to bring in a lot of power in the low end while keeping clarity throughout the mix.  If it sounds different to you tell me (and what type of system you're listening on).