• Death Magnetic

    actually that line was from the exorcist and I have no nice responses for those who continually flame me and everyone else for saying absolutley anything because i'm not apart of their cyber click. am i the only one that actually talks about gear or do you guys come here to find a life ?

    • Joey Spirito

      It's only you that we don't like moron. I think YOU are here to try and find a life or else you wouldn't care so much when someone tells you to fuck off. Just be a normal member and post on the polls. Just like the real world, we know you don't have enough brain cells to ACTUALLY have a logical conversation, so we made this thing called "voting" so even dipshits like you will feel heard without actually leaking into things that matter. Next time you have a thought, just play guitar. Probably sound better than your words that you think matter.

    • ProfessorExp

      Like it or not, Mr. Illusion is the most excitement we've had around here in a while. Flaming the OP is the only semblance of the dearly departed Message Board we have left. 

    • Serge Fabrizio

      Well it's official, the reason all of the new ESP USA guitars come with Snickers bars instead of pickups is because they were sued. See, I can make things up about gear too, can I be part of your "cyber click"?