• slab

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    contact papa thru his site and i'm sure goodies will ensue


      Ha ha....good call man! I may do that! I actually got to work with Metallica when they were last here in Halifax for a one off show in the summer of 2011. It was the best ever! It was my 20th time seeing them live and my first time working with them. I actually got to help Zach set up James's Cabs, helped him pull them right out of their roadcases and put them in place! Man that was the best feeling ever! I also got to set up James's Microphone Stand, run Kirks main feed from his monitors to his guitar tech Justin and help build and strike their stage that has been all over the world so many many many times. Just walking the stage was the Fucking best feeling ever! From unloading their roadcases from their trucks to the setup and strike it was such an amazing 2 days for me and a dream come true! At the end of the night I even got to help Zach unload their dressing room. After the load in the day before the gig I was chatting it up with Zach backstage welcoming him and the boys back to town after almost 20 years. When I told him this was my 20th Metallica show, my first being in Halifax on the Justice Tour in 89 he was super impressed and told me to come see him tomorrow after the gig and that he had something really cool for me. I walked away with Lars's Drumsticks he used during the show and 55 Metallica Guitar picks plus their setlist from the stage, 5 giant beachballs, and best of all the opportunity to work with my hereos that have helped shape who I am today and a big part of what I have accomplished personally and professionally. Im now only two days away from working with BLACK SABBATH and finally going to get to meet my other hereos OZZY TONY & GEEZER after seeing SABBATH 9 times and OZZY 25 times! Fuck me life is good! Bottom line guys! Never give up on your dreams! I am living proof that if you want it bad enough you can make it happen!