I have a question for you? I've been a loyal ESP guy from 1999 - 2014. I bought my first ESP JH-3 from Jason @ DCGL way back in 1999. I then added a  JH-1 Diamond Plated V, JH-1, JH-2, JH-3, JH Grynch, KH-2 Relic, ESP DV8-SE and Im soon to be the proud owner of a new ESP JH IRON CROSS later this year. All these guitars have been bought new from either DCGL or Birdland Music. When we had to re-register last year it seems to have cancelled my 2002 account status and now says im a new ESP member since 2014? Its not really that big of a deal but im thinking I should still have my 2002 account status for all my years of staying loyal to ESP and their products. Also, maybe ESP should start rewarding us guys n gals who spend thousands and thousdands and thousands of dollars on your amazing guitars and basses along with this new rewards point system. I fully understand that we as the cosumer make the choice on our own to buy these "Weapons of Mass Distortion" but I think we should be somehow, someway thrown a bone here and there for all our years of loyal dedication and not for just posting in some cases nonsence just to add points which is clearly whats going on here in some cases. I do appreciate the yearly birthday wishes and all (Insert Smiley Face) but this new point system seems a bit off to me. I think its great that you guys are helping out new musicians to gain exposure and the free lessons are a positive but maybe its time to take a look at the peeps who really stand behind your guitars year after year after year, guitar after amazing guitar. Thanks for your time. Oh btw, I love the new ESP Workshirts hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge! Im a size Large. (Insert Smiley Face Smoking a Cigarette) Cheers!