• Vedran P.

    OMFG.., why are u guys being such haters.., so what, that guy uploaded 52k pics.., did u? it's his effort, he lost a lot of time doing that, and he obviously has a great desire of getting that spotlight.., to be honest I have it to.., I think it would be a gr8 promotion for me and my band.. and I belive the whole point of collecting those points is actually just that.., and as for forum comments.., I myself only comment stuff when I have something smart to say or I just need to react (like now).., but in other cases I just let guys like you bicker all the time.., try to keep it friendly ;)

    • jt76

      Doesn't take a lot of effort to upload pictures,  even 52,000 of them, I could probably manage to do that today If I did not care about the content.  I think part of the point is that uploading a bunch of pictures that do not belong to you is not a contribution in any way.   " I think it would be a gr8 promotion for me and my band.." A great promotion for you and your band would probably be uploading videos and pictures of your band to the forum yourself.   If your band is good, people will listen and spread the word.   Working the system by posting spam and having ESP do all the work for you is just lazy. 

    • jt76

      looks like your posting original stuff,  so why are you defending those guys.   Anyway I quickly checked out your band, I like dying fire acousitc with you all siting in that room jamming,  will check you out some more when I have some time. 

    • Zorlac

      Suck a dick