• Joey Spirito

    Hey Mr. Admin. I have a question on pricing a custom guitar. I have my own design for the body and headstock. Those would have to be sent to you. Maybe I could get your email or someones email to get an exact price, because it wont fit on the order form. But maybe from just the materials you could give me a rough estimate to help me out here and anyone else who may be wondering the same thing. It would be all all mahogany with maple NT construction, ebony freboard (with 24 XJ frets of course), a custom design for inlays, and dimarzio pick ups. Let's say the pick ups in the stores are running $170 together. I'm debating on a getting a FR, if not, it would have the same bridge type as Andy James. Also I would like a FM top, colors im deciding, and it HAS to have a satin finish on the thin U neck. Oh and I almost forgot, I would want your companies locking tuners, and a tone knob and pick up selector is the only necessary. There a price that pops up for that???

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