• metalhobo



    A few years ago, Harmony Central switched from their vBulletin BBS system to some custom software (aka HC3.0). While the software was okay, numerous bugs, etc. caused a very large portion of their user base to abandon the site. They recently switched back to vBulletin and have seen some number of people come back. While vBulletin certainly is not perfect, it has been developed for a much longer time. I'm not like omess, and I won't say things like "OH THIS SOFTWARE'S BEEN DEVELOPED FOR SIX MONTHS IT SHOULD BE DONE." Developing software takes time (much more than six months), and I don't think the users of the ESP board appreciate wading through bugs and underdeveloped interfaces while the kinks are being fixed. So while I think many of the features the new site has to offer are a step in the right direction, ultimately it just needs A LOT more development time to really be useable.

    • Zorlac

      I agree with this post but tbh it's still bullshit. If it was gonna take planning and tweaking then that should have been properly done before launching it. The temp board could have been left up in the meantime, they could have tested this board for a year or so and got it to a useable point. They could have utilized polls to vote on options (such as nesting, smilies, and quote options) ahead of time to fine tune the board to the people they knew would be using it. 

      Lastly the switchover (of our profiles and the GD section.)

      kind of a kick in the teeth.