• ChainOfThought

    Yeah I remember you mentioning it I was just curious why.  I've dropped it as a major complaint of mine but I just might still bring it up from time to time ;)

    For the avatar sizes & thread titles...not really a big issue, just a personal preference thing.  I think it looks kind of catchy at first, but it has just started to bug me over time I guess.

    I hadn't been to the site on my phone, but I just went and checked it out & you sure as hell did get it to stay readable through the nest.  Thanks for that.


    Oh what about having every nest level automatically expanded as soon as you enter a thread?  That way there might be 18 layers, but you don't click to open each one, you can just scroll down the page normally.  Would that be something easy to implement while you're in the process of looking further into the issue?