• Jeff H.

    Does Bill Clinton have an account at the ESP site? If not, do you think he would if ESP got into the saxophone business? Do you think he would like the ESP Original Series SAX-I CTM, or do you think he would prefer the affordability of the E-II SAX-II? Also do you think he's a nice guy? He seems nice.

    • Dave R.

      He does not have an account as far as I am aware. Whether he would based on your sax business model hypathetical, tough to say. He seems he would be too busy to entertain such a notion. Were he to choose between an Original or E-II sax (were ESP to offer), I would lean toward Original as he seems to be of the finer taste when it would come to his instrument. Not to mention he likely has the money to afford the highest of quality in his brass instrument of choice. And I agree, he seems to be a pleasant person.

    • Dave R.

      Perhaps in public, while on tour, he would brandish a more 'common mans' horn, but behind closed doors with a 4oz martini he would no doubt be blowin' through something top shelf.