• roger louttit

    Yeah I guess, but to what degree? Should I just buy it because it's ESP???

    I like the guitar because it was built to the specifications of Kirk Hammetts first custom ESP. I play a lot of Metallica and if ESP are their main supplier then I would buy from them.

    I want the sound of Metallica. Kirks set up most likely since he was the first one to introduce the ESPs to the group.

    Any other ESP I wouldn't buy. I could of easily customed my Fender with EMG pick ups and said its still the same.

    • Zorlac

      But your fender is a squire

      it is not the same scale

      it is not the same shape

      it does not have the same number of frets

      it does not have the same neck 

      it does not have a floyd


      Fyi kirks first esp was a direct copy of a jackson soloist. It was just built by esp and the skulls where thrown on.