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    I'm posting this at the bottom because fuck nesting.


    "It means that if we are able to do so, we will. However, since I can't personally promise you exactly what's going to happen, I don't want to say that it WILL happen. That's what I meant by "perhaps". It means that I find it likely that we will, but I tend not to make promises that I can't personally keep. It will require help of others. I think it will happen, but I'm not going to tell you it will until I know it will. Do you understand this?"

    This is a respectable standpoint, and I get it.  Your douchebag attitude in presenting it is absurd considering your position, but I digress.  If you would just say SOMETHING like this from the start, we would PROBABLY be a little easier on you.  Instead we just hear, month after of month, 'oh yeah, neat, thats a great suggestion we'll keep it in mind.'  It doesn't take long for that response to read more like, 'yeah whatever dude, shut the fuck up already we don't care.'  You are the one(s) who opened the door for there to be more involvement from the ESP employees.  You are the one(s) who should be working to make this consumer/company relationship an amicable & helpful one.

    If YOU aren't the one who can do anything directly about addressing our concerns and getting things fixed, I get that, I really do.  I've been in that position many times in my own career and its a shitty spot to be in, believe me, I understand.  However, its not exactly difficult to get around that and avoid alienating your entire user base.  There could be a sticky or a forum subsection to adress this very issue.  In a sticky you could have a bullet-point list of issues that have been brought up and what, if any, action is being taken on them.  For instance:

    1. "Nested comments are making this forum difficult to read"
      1. Our development team has been made aware of this issue.  We totally agree with you guys and are working to solve this problem.  Various solutions are being discussed and we hope to have an answer and a change within the month.
    2. "The 2,000 point requirement for membership is too high and detracts from the community feel of this forum."
      1. While we don't entirely agree with this standpoint, we are looking into this and discussing possible options.  We may or may not change this function at some point in the future.
    3. "We miss the old emoticons, the board just isn't right without them"
      1. While we understand what you're feeling, we don't feel that the previous emoticon set is necessary on this board.  It would cost us too much to add the old smileys and we don't feel the time and effort is worth it.  We apologize for this and hope you can understand.
    4. "Give us a dark/black theme!!!?!?!?!"
      1. We totally get where you're coming from, but for the way this board integrates with our website and its overall theme, we don't feel that a dark theme would be 'right.'
        1. "Well can we at least have the option?"
          1. The software we're utilizing doesn't allow theming options.
    5. "Why can't we private message someone unless they're in our friends list?"
      1. We're not sure what the deal with that is.  We'll be working on it as things progress and will hopefully be able to make a change in the near future.

    etc etc etc.

    In a dedicated forum subsection, users could go their and post their concerns and each thread could have its own responses.  This would allow for more community involvement.  For instance, I go and make a post saying nested comments are fucking stupid and should be done away with.  Member A replies to 100% agree with me.  Member B replies to disagree and explain why.  Member C replies and says he really doesn't care & why the fuck am I making such a big deal about it.  So on and so forth.


    Either option doesn't seem too difficult to me and either option would seriously cut down on how disgruntled a lot of us are.  We WANT to work with you and make this place better.  Obviously we want it to feel more like the old board did, but that is secondary.  What we want (and yes, I am being so presumptuous as to speak for pretty much everyone) is a functioning message board that is easy to navigate, read and use.  If this thread isn't a perfect example of how that isn't the case, then I don't know what is.

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