• Serge Fabrizio

    Dude just stop with the douchey, insincere retorts, there's a wealth of suggestions here that are shared by a large number of regular posters, and if you were willing to just meet them half-way, or at least try and discuss them more openly, we'd have a board we can all enjoy. I've become an active poster now because I want to express my dissatisfaction with this new board, I used to enjoy just reading this forum and taking full advantage of its shared knowledge, but these nested comments make the whole place messy and confusing. That's just my two cents, but as a regular visitor I would hope you'd take it on board, instead I'll probably get a patronising reply along the lines of "yes these are good suggestions", if I even get a reply at all. The "hazing" never put me off visiting this board, but your attitude sure as hell is.

    • ChainOfThought

      Be careful here...Jeff likes to take two or three words from each post and pay attention only to that.  So he'll probably see your post and see that you're only active because he's being a douche and it will just compound the problem.


      This whole forum is like a tutorial in how NOT to be sucessful in a community relations position.