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    Fuck these nested comments and replies, and fuck not being able to quote.  Absolutely ridiculous for a forum setup.  I could handle ONE comment nest, and I think it could POSSIBLY increase the readability of some threads, particularly the very large ones (which we no longer have, because 'discussion' here is all but gone, as is our member base).  But having 6 layers of comments within comments is absolutely ridiculous.  I couldn't even read this entire thread on my phone, it got to a point where there was one word per line, and most words were cut off...THEN it get to a point where there was one character per line and I gave up.  That is fucking stupid in this day & age.


    "I also enjoy those kinds of forum dynamics. Whether you know it or not, many of the thoughts and ideas expressed here in relation to the forum and the site are indeed discussed at ESP, and some have already resulted in changes and updates, with more still to come."

    If all of our input is being looked at and responded to, how about at least making a sticky that lists upcoming changes and changes that we have ALL requested but won't be happening for whatever reason?  I understand development time and testing, and I understand not being able to cater to every change we request.  But when things we're asking for seem pretty reasonable and pretty simple and are essentially met with, 'Nah, fuck you you insignificant twit' it makes it harder and harder to come back and try to enjoy this forum that I've been a part of for a decade now.


    I think the 'hazing' discussion is all wrong.  There was never 'hazing.'  There was simply not re-answering the 'why does Kirk tape his hands?' question 3 million times a fucking week.  If someone signed up just to ask that they were either ignored, their thread turned into a parody, or they were given a lot of shit for asking such a stupid question.  In my time here, anyone that has signed up and had a legitimate question has had that question answered.  There have been some members here and there that give newbies shit no matter what, but it isn't the norm, its just the personality of a handful of dudes.  As was previously mentioned, the General Discussion section is where most of this has taken place.  GD is where forum communities thrive.  Its where relationships are built over time and people get to know eachother and interact in positive ways.    When random newbies sign up to get a question answered they find their way into the related forum section and ask there, and their question is usually answered.  When someone decides they want to stick around and join the forum community, they venture into the general section and work on making a place for themselves.


    The only time we REALLY fucked with anyone is when they were a troll or in some other way were deserving of absolutely zero respect (scammers, 100% douche bags, etc etc).


    All in all, what I'm trying to say is fuck your free guitar sweepstakes.  They aren't whats going to build a lasting and useful community here.  Whats going to create a lasting community is answering our MANY requests for changes and improvements.  You say that many changes have already occurred based on our input...I ask you what changes have occurred?  I honestly have not seen any since this new board was created.  If changes are in development, let us know...we could stop requesting shit thats already happening and you could earn a little more respect from us.  Sure, you have zero obligation to do anything for us.  We also have zero obligation to continue putting our time into this community.  Whether you like it or not, the guys that have been here since the old boards are the ones that separate this from being a comment section for the website vs. an actual online community where questions can be answered and a knowledge base can be created.  


    I WANT to like you, I WANT to believe you're doing your best to build this new board.  It just really seems like you could give a fuck less about any of us that are trying to give you the fucking answers on how to do that effectively.  Because just like Omess said...everything you've done so far has fucking failed.  Including your lame responses when you get called out on the failures.


    But I digress.  This whole thing is fucking ridiculous.

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