• ProfessorExp

    Says the auction ended early because there was an error in the listing. Maybe the seller got hosed by whoever he bought it from and just realized (or it was brought to his attention) that its a fake. I found this older ebay auction for an actual EET FUK with a bunch of close up pics.  


    Pus is right about the bridge and serial number. Also the output jack on the real one is the round recessed style, not the newer square mount. And different tuners and cheaper looking truss rod cover. Safe to say this is a fake, but it is a pretty good looking one. If it were older and a little beat up, I probably wouldnt have thought twice about it. 


    I'd give my left nut for the real one that went for $7,950. Unfortunately, nobody will even give me $7,950 for both of my nuts, let alone one.