• Pushead

    While it looks nicer than most fakes I've seen, I'd lean toward fake.  Though the auction ended already, perhaps somene who has more experience with these guitars (or someone with no idea) made a big money offer already. Headstock seems the wrong shape, logo seems too small, the bridge seems too big (should have been an ABR-1, I think) and the color supports an aged guitar, but the rest is so clean.

    But realistically in a world where the internet has been available to the general public for almost 20 years, why would the original owner sell to a music store?  15 minutes of research would have told him/her that it was a reasonably high dollar guitar.  Heck, he/she could have joined the ESP Message Board, gotten the information and 1,000 friend requests and been automatically entered into a giveaway for a Will Adler LTD!

    The smart money says it's good to pass on that one.

    • Jeff H.

      Damn, I thought the logo looked ok. Shows how much I know. I do know it looks way better than most of the fakes logos I've seen for sure. They usually look absolutely horrible.