• Zorlac

      Let's get something straight. New elements are most certainly not going to be implemented. As omess pointed out it's been 5 months. It doesn't take that long to change one thing. They could completely rebuild a forum in that time ( remember how quick the temp board came in)


      The best thing to do would be to find a way to implement the new features of the board ( points bullshit and what not) with the old board template.

      the 2nd best thing to do would be to take out the reply to comment option, make the user reply to the thread, and re implement the quote option ( most important)

    • ChainOfThought

      I didn't mention any new features?  I'm just saying MAYBE their developers or what-have-you have to re-code some shit to get rid of nested comments all together, but they MIGHT be able to just click an option that automatically displays ALL posts/comments/replies within a thread when you open it.  Rather than having a reply, then clicking to see 1 more response to it, then having 2 more responses on that one and so on and so far.

      To me I think the biggest things that are fucking up the flow here are nested comments and the reply box being at the top.  I'm willing to bet that if the reply box were still at the bottom we wouldn't have NEARLY the issue we have now with nested comments.  But the tendency is to get to the bottom of a thread and then want to reply, so the reply button closest to the bottom gets clicked on which gives us nest after nest after nest.  However, Dave has already pretty much told me that they just aren't going to change that because they don't see it as an important thing...so I'm focusing all my attention on the nested comments instead.

      I don't really care about the points system, beyond feeling that 2,000 points just to post a pic or a link is absurd.  When they start handing out swag for points I'll get interested in them.

      • Dave R.

        I'm making a reply here that is nested one level deep. If someone else wants to continue this direction, hit the reply button in Chain's (Moloch's) post, not mine.

        Swag will be used ultimately, this is just a starting point for the points. There are some logistics to work out when it comes to material goods.

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    • Dave R.

      I have a word in to see how to address the nested comments, I'm not a fan myself. This forum software isn't off-the-shelf so it's a little harder to implement certain things.

      In the meantime, and bear with me here, you actual have the ability to not make a nested comment. This reply I'm making will not be nested because I am posting it in the main reply box. Inconvenient, but it works. You can also keep your replies nested one level deep, you just have to hit the proper reply botton in the root comment. Let's practice!

      • Dave R.


        If you remember, loading more replies took you to a new page. Everyone cried foul so it was fixed. Granted it created the little nesting debacle, which as I said, I am trying to get resolved. You're taking a lack of response to your sweet suggestions as ignoring things. Not the case. It's an ongoing work in progress.

        Not that I need to get into timeframes, but back in July, the forum component wasn't the hot priority at that time, it was getting a new site in place starting from the ground up. Anyway, I'll spare you the business end.

        Sweet job on keeping the nesting to one level btw.

      • Dave R.

        The forum was not used to the extent that would reveal all flaws, no. I know you want a different answer, but the repeated grilling isn't going to yield one.

        And let's change up the sweet talk, or I'm going to remove you from my friends list.

    • Road King

      Just play the Inception OST when nesting.

    • metalhobo

      Holy shit, fordman makes an appearance. I thought that dude was losted a long time ago (didn't he commit username-suicide?)

    • Force

      Very cool! I'll keep my fingers crossed :)

    • MetalMelodies


    • Gisornator

      Damn, this guitar looks nasty :-).

    • Amrit Farwah

      when is the sweeps ending?

    • vipprimo

      Hey, is today the end of the contest?