• Scott O.

    Hey Joey, sorry for the trouble man - who have you been trying to get those from? Are you trying to order them Custom Shop or has the trouble been you just can't find them? They aren't a standard option but any music store could order it with the cover.

    The cover isn't a problem, you could have any dealer (banjomikez for instance) order a '59 and Custom with a 'black powder coat' cover which is the one black cover we have. Gold screws on the other hand would push it into the Custom Shop, where they have all sorts of other options. Now if you want to go that route, I will be your personal expeditor and I'll make sure it gets rushed to you. Just PM me right here.


    Otherwise, contact MacDaddy, Mike's Music or Stratosphere and ask them to please Shop Floor Custom order you a Duncan Custom and '59 with a black powder coat cover. And if those guys don't quickly put that order in for you, contact me and I'll take care of you directly.