• Joey Spirito

    Bro I feel ya. We all want our style on our guitars. The problem is unless you have the money to shell out for a completely customized guitar, OR have the knowledge and tools to build your own shit, the only way to get what you want is to get sponsored. So with that being said, I'd stick with what is out there, JUST FOR NOW, build yourself as a musician, then come out and play your heart out. If someone likes you enough, that's when you bust out your ideas for design and fine tune the exact tone you want. Till then, you gotta just deal man =\

    • Serge Fabrizio

      Dude are you serious? There are literally thousands of options for people who want to make their guitar unique but can't afford a custom build. You've just got to have some patience and do your research. All the guys I know who are sponsored are a LOOOOOOOOONG way from being handed free custom shit, if you're waiting for a seymour duncan rep to roll up at your gig and start handing out free pickups, you're gonna be disappointed.