• jt76

    first I will say a 59 / sh5 set sounds really good,

    but if you have emg's, i would just keep the emgs. if you have emg's and you defnintely want to change to passives you will need to change your pots and probably the wiring.   If you keep the same setup and switch to passives, the passives will not be as loud as they should be, and may be a little muted.   In case you were not aware of that.

    if you have EMGS here is another thing to consider

      for the money you are going to spend on this you could just buy a used viper 1000. the model with the stock passives,  they already have a 59 / sh5 set in them.   then you would have an eclipse 1000 with EMGs and viper with the duncan passives. however i will note this advice is coming from a guitar horder.