• ChainOfThought

    That is classy as fuck.


    I usually don't like that style of knob at all, but on that axe....they really bring the room together, man.


    Maybe some of it has to do with the finish being pictured so much better with the new configuration, but you really took that from looking like another 'meh' eclipse to something that I want to rob your house for.


    What kind of case is that?

    • Jeff H.

      Haha. That first picture sucks so bad but it's the only one I have from when I first got it. And yeah, the amber knobs don't work on everything but I think they look great on most quilt tops with chrome hardware.

      The case is an SKB I-series flight case. I usually only use it when going overseas as it's gigantic and heavy (about to leave for a European tour soon) but it's a great case. I think they are around $200 but when I bought it, it was on sale and I had an MF discount code so I only payed about $90. Great deal and it's held up beautifully being thrown across tarmacs by flight crews all over the world. I think it's total overkill if you don't fly, though. ESP's standard cases always work fine.. They also claim it fits "gibson's, esp, lp shaped guitars" but my gibson's headstock angle is too sharp and lays against the case so it's unuseable.

    • ChainOfThought

      Gotcha.  I have an SKB flight case as well but I think I only paid like 100 for it.  The interior is black & there's no flap over the pocket though.