• ChainOfThought

    Never updated to my reply here... I got my hands on that Intrepid Pro 828 and its flawless.  No fret issues anywhere, setup was perfect for me out of the box (after international shipping, no less).  The case I bought with it is nice, although I'm keeping it in an SKB flight case instead...trust the ABS plastic more than I do the wood for flying & shipping.


    The hardware all seems solid, the tuners are very smooth and don't seem to slip at all.  If anything I might replace the bridge eventually but just for preference...the stock bridge has a bit of a sharp edge where I rest my palm, but after a day or two playing I didn't notice it anymore anyways.  If I ever decide to try another type of guitar I will almost certainly go with Agile again.  I spent 6 or 700$ on mine, it was on sale at the time & came with the SD blackouts.  Best guitar I've played in the pricerange and easily matches the couple ibanez prestiges & an ESP or two I've been able to demo.


    A buddy of mine just bought a B-stock lower-end baritone 6 from them and he's also pleased it seems.