• blacksoulzero

    It's weird that kurt doesn't answer you quick, he answered me immediatly the first time i purchased a guitar asking about stock existance, he was really nice. I own a Douglas Hadron, Douglas Halo and Agile al3010se, they three are amazing, I switched the pup's for emg's on the agile and halo, and dimarzio crunchlab/liquifire on the hadron, they ended up with an amazing sound, they are well made and feel amazing, I can compare them with the LTD deluxe models but here's where it is different from LTD's, Rondo music guitars are amazing, good quality & perfect to mess around with without being worried on the look or if they get damaged, you get an amazing guitar that you can use without emotional worries (thanks to the $), but ESP's & LTD's are Good quality and look amazing to the point that a little scratch makes you feel guilty cuz they are your babies...

    Here's what I recomend you, If you have a low budget below $600 get a Douglas or Agile from $159 to $309 and upgrade the hardware little by little and will end up like an LTD deluxe for only $130-$260 extra that you add whenever you can afford it, but if you have the money I recomend you to buy the deluxe models, an Agile3010se would sound and feel as good as a LTD EC1000 for $309 but will never beat the elegance and beauty of the LTD colors, satin colors, binding, logo... Rondo sounds and feel awesome, ESP sounds feel & looks awesome.