• ChainOfThought

    Hah, I danced a similar jig when I got my Agile.


    No Shame.

    • jt76

      Dont blame you. That 8 string looks nice.  I dont do 8 strings.  But I have been looking at a used intrepid 7 and  I own an agile 3100.  Damn nice guitars for what they cost.

    • ChainOfThought

      Pull the trigger man.  This intrepid (pro, 828) is probably the nicest guitar I have purchased/tried in a store.  Sure it doesn't have the vibe of my 80's carvin or stealth, but you can't really compare a 30 year old guitar to a brand new one for vibe.  The fit & finish is flawless, came set up like a dream right out of the case & that was after shipping to my house & then shipping overseas to afghanistan...didn't have to touch a thing other than re-tuning a little bit.

      I'm finding that I like the 8 but if I ever decide to go back to 7 (I don't think I'll go back to six at this point) I will probably look for one as identical I can get to the 828 just 7-string...its all the guitar I'll ever need.


      Granted...I also don't have any 1980's Navigators laying around to compare it to :P

    • ChainOfThought

      Gotcha.  I had an EC1k for a short while and I would definitely put the 828 in a higher category than that one.  The EC was nice but this agile just feels so much better.   Mine has a tung oil finish (or maybe satin) and I couldn't find any bit of a flaw with it.  The ebony board is almost too smooth and I couldn't find issue with the fretwork anywhere.  I also got a good deal on it...700 bucks for the Pro828 with SD Blackouts.  It is definitely heavy as shit, but I was expecting that with it being an 8-string.  Unbelievably heavier than my 7321...that thing feels like a toy now when I pick it up :P


      I don't go through nearly as many guitars as I used to... I'd say the nicest ones I've owned are probably an Edwards explorer, the EC1k, my Carvin & this Agile.  And actually a BC Rich NJClassic Mockingbird I had for a while was pretty slick as well.  So...take my opinion for what its worth, its not like I can really compare it to a ESP Custom (or any ESP, for that matter) or something similar.


      Still though...pull that trigger man!