• ChainOfThought

    Any way we can just get like...t-shirts & hats & shit?  Maybe an LTD for 100,000 points instead of a spotlight which is something I'd never wish upon myself?


    I mean, neat incentives & all, I'm sure some people will drool all over them.  Just not this dude.

    • Jeff K.

      Hey Chain. Yes, there will be other types of rewards as time goes by (including some tangible stuff like you mention). This is just the first round.

    • ChainOfThought

      Sounds good then.


      Don't get me wrong, an artist spotlight is pretty sweet assuming someone can put the material together for it & pass approval and all that.  But for the bedroom style hobbyist like me its just not that appealing.  Lessons could also be pretty cool, but living in the middle east like myself there's a pretty good chance the website is blocked anyways...they censor the hell out of the internet over here.


      Anyways its good to see something seeing some progress/change here.  Now if we could just take one more step with the points system and lower the requirement for posting links/pictures/videos to like...10-100 points rather than 2000...

    • Gisornator

      I like the idea about motiviating people to contribute in a "musician-social-network". And the rewards so far are pretty sweet, especially when you bring some give-aways like T-Shirts (I like the "Swallow"-Shirt *hint-hint* :D ).

      But I have two concerns about the whole system:

      1) It seems to be "easy" to cheat the system. There seem to be some people spaming just random pictures they probably do not own by themselves.

      2) If you throw in some rewards like shirts or so, please don't restrict them to US residentials only, like the guitars.