• Jeff K.

    Forum "Points" and benefits

    Many of you here on the forums have inquired about what the ESP site "points system" is all about. We can now let you know. Also, note that a number of you have already supported the site enough to begin collecting some rewards. Here's the info: http://www.espguitars.com/pages/get-the-points/

    • metalhobo


    • ChainOfThought

      Any way we can just get like...t-shirts & hats & shit?  Maybe an LTD for 100,000 points instead of a spotlight which is something I'd never wish upon myself?


      I mean, neat incentives & all, I'm sure some people will drool all over them.  Just not this dude.

      • Jeff K.

        Hey Chain. Yes, there will be other types of rewards as time goes by (including some tangible stuff like you mention). This is just the first round.

      • ChainOfThought

        Sounds good then.


        Don't get me wrong, an artist spotlight is pretty sweet assuming someone can put the material together for it & pass approval and all that.  But for the bedroom style hobbyist like me its just not that appealing.  Lessons could also be pretty cool, but living in the middle east like myself there's a pretty good chance the website is blocked anyways...they censor the hell out of the internet over here.


        Anyways its good to see something seeing some progress/change here.  Now if we could just take one more step with the points system and lower the requirement for posting links/pictures/videos to like...10-100 points rather than 2000...

      • Gisornator

        I like the idea about motiviating people to contribute in a "musician-social-network". And the rewards so far are pretty sweet, especially when you bring some give-aways like T-Shirts (I like the "Swallow"-Shirt *hint-hint* :D ).

        But I have two concerns about the whole system:

        1) It seems to be "easy" to cheat the system. There seem to be some people spaming just random pictures they probably do not own by themselves.

        2) If you throw in some rewards like shirts or so, please don't restrict them to US residentials only, like the guitars.

    • Tondog

      Lulz!.....jeebus tapdancing christ.

    • RZK

      I got points for posting ITT.

    • exhibit-sbt



      I'd rather win like, an ESP T-shirt or hat.

    • jt76

      I reached 25,000,  I was hoping confetti would shoot out of my keyboard or something,  maybe at 100,000.

      I agree that ESP logo stuff, like hats, shirts, coffee mugs, straps, gig bags ect are good rewards for participation. 





    • Airborneherpes

      How about a trip to the US factory at a million points?

    • EvolutionVII

      That's a nice way of flogging a dead horse

    • donting

      imagine how many points we'd all have if they didn't change the system, wiping everyone out effectively destroying the entire community 

    • donting

      what do you mean?

      • Jeff K.

        Are you referring to our change when we put up the new site in 2013, or the change we made in September to the points rewards system? Previous to the new site in 2013, there was no "points system" at all. The current system allows both veteran and new members of the site to have a chance to win rewards. That's what I was referring to.

    • donting

       I was refering to the traffic this forum used to have and the frequency of posts, i.e. if the previous forum wasn't destroyed (everyone would still be here posting), and a "points system" was implemented (on the old boards, doesn't matter when), we'd all have a sh1t load of points (there would be a lot of members, with a lot of points)... 

      • Jeff K.

        Ah, I see. Well, if it helps to know, while there's less posting on the forums for the time being, we have way more overall site traffic now than ever before. The ESP site is a lot more than just the forums. But let me clarify one thing... the points for the rewards are zeroed out at the start of each month. You (and all other members) have just as much chance of winning a reward for participation on any given month as anyone else. Give it a shot.

    • Skoggy

      I'm not going to be negative, as you've already heard about every angle of that story, but I think you have missed out on some vital point(pun intended) if you think that the interest for posting and activity is generated by the chance of winning some random prize at the end of each month. In my understanding, the old forum was driven by the interest for communication between users of the forum, aswell as information about various guitars and gear. If the change was driven by a desire to start fresh in terms of building a whole different community, than I would say you have been succesful, but that should also imply that you would have understanding for the users that converted from the old to the new and their dissapointment in the changes which destroyed most of what was built over the years. 

      • Jeff K.

        Of course... that's all understandable, and we're aware of it. We'd prefer more people from the old forums to come try out the new ones, especially since we made many of the changes that brought back some of the functional elements of the old version. At the same time, we're glad that we do have a bunch of community activity on the current site that goes beyond the forums. Your input is always welcomed. Thanks Skoggy.

    • slab

      people dont like change, especially a bunch of self-absorbed musicians.....but


      the old forum actually was already sliding sideways as a lot of cats had bailed;


      the lulz are gone


      alas, tyranny







    • James S.

      I'm confused on how to see your points if it's still running, or where the rewards are redeemed either????