• Davis H.

    The main reason for this change is to devide the Standard Series line and the Original/Custom Shop line from each other more clearly.
    As you may not know, the Original Series actually existed longer than the Standard Series, however not until 2014 did they become available in the US

    The Original Series are all made in the ESP Custom Shops in Japan
    so basically, ESP Original=ESP Custom Shop

    The ESP Standard Series are not made in the Custom Shop
    and does not use woods that are as good as the Custom Shop ones
    and of course, they are less expensive than the Custom Shop ones

    So this became the problem with people who don't really know about ESP
    "Why does some ESP cost $1500 and some cost $4000 or more?"

    So now, ESP changed the usuall ESP Standard Series" into "E-II"
    only those made in the Custom Shop ones are branded ESP