• ChainOfThought

    I'd rather see the occasional 'hey check out my band & remember to vote!!!!11!!11!1" post than deal with the point system and all the griping that goes along with it.  I get the intent, I just never really saw a huge problem with spam on the old board.  If anything it just added more fuel to the fire for us.


    I'm really trying hard to stick with this forum and wait for things to get better but I just don't see any change happening in response to what seems like unanimous community request.  Is it difficult with this new software to move the reply box to the bottom or add a couple more emoticons in?  I honestly don't know so I'm asking, because it seems like just a couple little tweaks like that would make a lot of us a lot happier.


    Edit:  Also seems like if the only intent was to avoid the 1-post spam&gone type you could make the points requirement like ten...post a couple times and you're good to go.  Most of us that have a couple thousand points did so by uploading hundreds of pictures, a lot of people did that by re-uploading the same picture hundreds of times.  Is it really worth the extra strain on the server?  I now have an album full of I-don't-even-know-how-many motivational posters because it was the easiest set of pictures I could upload to get the points.  The whole thing just seems asinine from where I'm sitting.  Again I understand the intent, I just don't really get the implementation.