• Dave R.

    Why did you have to start a new account?

    Not being able to post links is for newcomers to avoid spamming. You know, the ol' "Hey check out my band on Facebook!" first post. We're helping Gfunk retire his spam gif...

    • Dave R.

      Sounds reasonable, I'll pass the suggestion along.

    • Pushead

      He probably didn't realize that you need to log in with an e-mail address instead of your username on the new forum.  I assume (possibly wrongly) that this is Hmantooth from the old board.

    • Hmouth

      I tried signing in with email, no dice. Even signing up for a new account was like pulling teeth. 

      Admittedly this post was a bit cheeky as it could be considered spam, however, Iv been lurking/posting on these boards off and on since I was at college (2001 I think) so I figured people would recognise that im not here just trying to sell some shit. I simply had some very awesome news recently that I wanted to share. I apologise if this comes across as Spammy. 

      Everything RK stated below is 100% bang on.