• ChainOfThought

    On my six strings I've used DR (the regular ones...whatever the name of them is) 11's in D standard with fairly low action.  On my 7 I've gone back & forth between DR & Ernie Ball & D'Addario mostly just trying different guages and whatnot.  And on my 8 I'm still using the stock strings which are surprisingly very nice.

    I recently put a set of the DR Black Beauties .09guage on my 7 and they're pretty interesting.  Definitely a different feelt and definitely sound a bit lifeless for cleans but otherwise they do pretty good.  Probably won't buy them again.  I wanted to try them because I use the same type on my bass and absolutely fucking love them there.


    If I can't get DR's or I'm just feeling like something different I usually go back to D'Addario and occasionaly put on a set of Ernie Balls.