• Superpuma

    "Talk about anything you like" (unless it involves an ESP employee)

    I can maybe agree my thread "Fucking bummed out with ESP right now" about a negative run-in with an ESP representative may have been a bit whiny.  But wouldn't discussing it seem more the thing to do than just making it disappear? As I said in the thread I have played ESP exclusively for damn near 20 years. I am very loyal to this company, so I think its fair for me to express my disappointment with the unprofessional encounter I had with your product manager.  Rather than just nuking the whole thing and making a loyal customer feel like his voice isn't heard, there could be some engagement. Maybe he's just the curt manager type that deals in large product assortments and the selling thereof and my simple little questions were below his pay grade... COOL, then he should probably not be the first ESP rep someone sees when they walk in the door of the exhibit.  No matter. This is a discussion forum. Its meant to be a place to discuss things. Sometimes those things aren't 100% positive.  If this message board is considered the Community of the ESP Guitar Company, then discussions related to the ESP company should be allowed.  Heavy handed moderation will only serve to keep involvement in this community low.  And if the thread was considered out of place, but at least my point of view as a customer was important to ESP, then maybe next time drop me a note, saying "we hear you, we're sorry, thats just his personality...but the messageboard isn't the place for it."  
    ESP makes great instruments.  I am obviously a fan of the brand.  It just bummed me out is all.

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