• Jeff K.

    I have money that says you won't be able to stop yourself from replying. I'll even leave the time frame open... from now, through forever. If, by the time that either of us die and you don't reply to this thread, I'll give Dave $5 in my will. I assume Dave will outlive me; he's slightly younger and probably takes better care of himself than I do.

    • hot bimbo

      Could you answer this? I'll take that you missed this from the other thread so since you are on today, copy paste:

      Jeff K. Is there any difference between the LTD Elite Horizon-III and the E-II Horizon-III besides the logo? My dealer ( guitars dealer ) says the new E-II Horizon-III is better built and have better quality wood than the Elite. I feel like he's giving me an excuse to charge more fore the E-II. The price for the E-II is the same for what the Elite one costed in the US but not here. I have played the Elite from a friend and it is cool. The guys from the store won't bring E-II or Standard and upper quality ESP's to my town unless I order one so I can't compare to the Elite. In case you are wondering, the price he is giving me now is the same price he gave when the Elites came out. Looks like they want about 250 more for what it seems the same guitar.

      So, any difference between these two in terms of quality?