• Jeff K.

    We've done quite a lot, like introducing some 140 new guitars. :) See, the people who run this site and the attached forums aren't just some separate group of web geeks. We're all integrally involved in the whole process of creating and selling our instruments. Even the amazing Mod of this site, Dave, has huge responsibilities with ESP above and beyond the forums and the site. So, a blanket statement like "you haven't done shit" tells us that it's difficult for a person such as yourself to recognize and understand what goes on as a whole, and the web site is one small aspect of our business. Anyway, this was supposed to be a thread about football, but I'm happy to have had the chance to talk to you about this stuff. I don't expect you to acquiesce that there are aspects of what we do beyond what happens here on the forums, but that's just the truth. Enjoy your day, what's left of it.