• Gfunk

    true indeed, my true metal guitar brethren!, but SERIOUSLY; Trent Reznor, and NIN?!,LoL!!!!!!;Now Here's The "REAL PHAGGOTS", ?SERIOUSLY?!,along with all that FAITH NO MORE and Mike Patton/Roddy Bottom Shit You're Probably gonna Say YOU LIKE, and "has a Serious Rock N' Roll, or Even any kind Of; "METAL Credibility"?! LOL!!?,Gonna Try and Pass Off that ?, or even ANY of that Early Electronica Ministry and Al Jorgensen/Ministry Shit, as actually Being taken Seriously as "Real Rock N' Roll?! Or Metal"?!, what a SAD Joke! Try PRONG or Even HELMET! A MILLION!! YEARS Better!,, or White Zombie,and Sepultura,! Flotsam & Jetsam & Helstar, Quality Hard Music and Metal to really Represent in the Early '90's, Godf"lesh "STREETCLEANER" and Apocypha's "Eyes Of Time" 1988 Thrash/Power Metal Classic, or Anthrax' "Persistence Of Time", from 11990, are REAL AUDIO GEMS from around the Same Exact timeframe to The Lame and Ignorant!,or even The CURE'S "DISINTEGRATION" album, is Way More a Real ROCK Band, or early "Tears For Fears",Or The Members and Material of Athens,Ga's Legendary "The B-52's", of Real Rock/New Wave Musicians, Way Before any Trent Reznor "Fake" Phaggot  B.S.! You TRULY HUMOR Me......





    Alcohol + Interwebs =