• Jeff H.

    I have a feeling we have VERY similar tone taste. I also wish 2 had a tad more gain and a little before 12 is prime on 3. But, the mids of 2 are a lot more dynamic than 3, which is a tad more scooped despite my mids always being cranked. The gain issue on 2 is fixable with a pedal, though. Great amp, though. Since mine has been out of commission I've been using a dual rec and while I finally got a decent sound out of it, it lacks sorely in mids and the gain character is crap compared to the EVH. Not nearly as crisp and tight.

    • Pushead

      I think so.  With that mod dialed in, I actually run the mids closer to 1/2 way up.  It adds the top mid presence without adding flub into it.  Not that there's anywhere even close to the flub of the recto.  I'll have to do clips of it this weekend.

      See if Fender will do the "5150 Stealth" mod to yours.  From what I've read, they revoiced channel 2 and added more gain to that channel on a special run of all black heads they released a few months ago.