• Jeff H.

    Very nice! How you liking the 5150 3? I'm having to send mine in to Fender for some repairs right now , unfortunately. Love the amp though.

    • Pushead

      I'm liking it so far.  Channel 1 is brilliant.  Channel 2 could use another 1-2 notches of gain.  Thus far, I'm not finding anything useful on channel 3 after about 1:30.  It get noisier, but not any better.  I'm finding I sit at one notch before 12:00 on the gain with my main RRR with the Norton, and one notch after 12:00 with the EMGs.

      The mid knob is the key on all of the channels.  Huge changes can be dialed in with that mid knob.

      *Edit - I should note that mine has been modded by "Kruse Kontrol" with their Super Sonic Mod.  Not exactly sure what it does, but it's adjustable with a pot on the back, and it seems to dial out mid level mud.  Not that the amp is muddy, but that's the best description I can give.