• Pushead

    Gfun, everyone knows the tone exists in the extra tone knob (duh) and the extended horn.  It has Suhr SSV and SSH+ pickups in it, each with a treble bleed wired on the volume pot and a coil-split wired to the tone knob.  It sounds good, but since I'm also working with a new amp, it's hard to say how it stacks up to anything else I have.  The guitar plays really nicely, though.

    Exhibit, there's still a similar one (another 04) on ebay, but the guy has no feedback, to pls take careful™.

    RK, though I appreciate your concern for my cognitive and mental stability, in this case it was more a quick jab at the additional brands ESP has to establish and define than actual confusion on my part.  Do you even quip?