• jt76

    Really like all the options here,  got some really nice finish options,  happy to see some old logos, and classic headstocks, and a lot of nice transparent finishes.  Looks like Esp put a lot of effort into the product lines this year.   It would have just be easier to offer the mII in a few color choices.  snow white with black hardware, or bright red with black hardware would be nice.   Anyway really like the FRX and Mystiques, its good to see some new body shapes available here,  Stongly considering buying that horizon ctm nt antique brown sunburst or the see thur black miii usa, or one of the usa eclipses, or a mysitque or an FRX.   It very nice to be seeing a catalog full of guitars that I can dream about owning.   I rember feeling this way about the guitars in the late 90's and early 2000's,  I now own quite a few of those,  hopefully one day I will own several of these.