• Jeff K.

    We do this every year, exhibit. Some years we lean harder in certain areas. This year, with the introduction of the FRX, Mystique, RB Series, AP Series, Stream, and so on, we chose not to also add to the V Series and several other product areas. We tend to only offer as many guitars and basses as we feel we can properly support. Thanks for your input, though.

    • exhibit-sbt

      I mean, there were some LTD Vs..  but as for the top end V's that was a sad run of 6-7 years with zero variation other than black, string thru, pickguard.  There was the Iron Cross inlay one, but realistically, I don't think many people got behind those inlays.

      Consider a signature V for Lee Altus.  I'd buy one of those up.  :)