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    It's not just esp, the name of the game these days with any brand seems to be, shove as much bull shit down the consumers throat as possible. all while sacrificing quality and any and all imagination in creating a decent guitar ppl will want to keep around for years. They regergitate the same guitars in the same colors and put out these "new" lines to try and convince us were buying a better product. But it's all the same shit. Then they make shitty forums to try and make us come together to worship there company. I've been on this forum since the first namm thread and for years I've seen ppl post what they want in a guitar and esp never makes any of it. The same goes for fender, ibanez, gibson, and any other company. Esp doesn't give a shit about this forum or the shitty pics cause if they loose you there's more ppl to replace you with. Learn to live with it or move on in the grand scheme of things they just don't care.