R u alive forum?

    Well...I remember saying I would stick with this forum for my entire life. But the layout has become physically uncomfortable to use. 

    And I can't post links, but as a 2006 forum veteran (I have seen it ALL) I know some of you might be interested to know that I've finished my latest tunes. Go to fourstrokebaron . bandcamp . com. Or just Google "Four stroke baron" and it'll pop up as the first result. 


    My eyes welled up on the way to work, thinking about the forum.  

    • ChainOfThought

      Link: http://fourstrokebaron.bandcamp.com


      Plz...don't go 


      Will check out your music very soon, I've been looking forward to it.  I have to teach a class in the morning and the internet is slow as shit right now or I'd get to it right now.

    • exhibit-sbt


      Cool man, thanks for sharing.   Yeah the current status of the forum is painful to think about.  I thought if we had old threads resurrected (like the correct greatest thread and such) things would improve but alas, they haven't resurrected the general disc thread.

    • KFW

      If y'all want to find me on Facebook, just send me a message on here. Or you might remember my name/have mutual forum friends on FB. 

      And thanks for sharing those links, dudes!

      I mean, I'd like to stay. And I maybe could get used to it here...but the whole layout is more like a guestbook. Makes sense for the company, but sucks for the awesome community we used to have here. But I think this type of forum is purposefully not as conducive to discussion, and more for answering broad questions. 

    • ChainOfThought

      I lied I listened to the first couple.  I definitely dig it.  Reminiscient of Third World Psychic but its definitely something new.  I have a feeling this will definitely make it into my regular rotation as well.


      Whats the recording setup?

    • KFW

      Thanks man! Yeah, the biggest differences are obviously vocals and actual structured songs. I got sick of releasing basically a cluster of demos, and it always just seemed unfinished/not to its full potential to me. 


      A telecaster tuned to A standard, jazz bass, all the guitars are free amp sims, except for some stuff supplemented with acoustic. Everything mic'ed, I used a Rode NT1A and an SM57. Drums are BFD2. 

    • metalhobo

      i'll give you four strokes, baron

      • KFW

        The band name came from a friend and I trying to come up with fake Judas Priest song titles. The formula was this: car/engine reference, medieval/royalty/historical reference, and/or a slightly homoerotic reference. Four Stroke Baron did all of those perfectly.

    • ChainOfThought

      I sent you a request on the bookface...profile picture is a depiction of the statue of liberty, which reminds me its about time I change that back to a real picture of me.