• ChainOfThought

    I'm pretty sure its just the one dude that would be answering your emails, especially if its something more technical.  With that in mind...maybe he's swamped or has some life shit going on?


    Anyways I just ordered an 8 string from them.  Should be at the house on Christmas Eve, my wife will open it up, snap some pictures and make sure it shipped ok then get it in the mail to me.  I should have it in about a month, I'll do a NGD and let you know how it goes.  I've not really heard any but good things about them though, taking into consideration that some people will bash the quality because they compare everything to a ESP Standard or PRS Custom etc.


    Also, their 8-string line was originally a customer concept.  Dude saw that one of the 6-string basses could probably be modified to be an 8-string guitar so he started a dialogue with Kurt...and now we have the Septors and Intrepids as production models.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  I don't believe any production models at ESP/Gibson/Jackson/Etc came from random-dude-on-a-forum talking with the owner and making shit happen.