• ChainOfThought

    I started AC3 but it just hasn't gripped me like 2 or Brotherhood did...it froze/crashed once and I haven't turned it back on since :/

    I finished Sleeping Dogs...thats a pretty sweet game.  I'll probably pop it in here & there for random GTA style mayhem with the kung-fu twist.

    Diablo 3 is definitely a winner on the console.  There are things I don't like about the mechanics compared to D2, most notably I think would be the skills.  There isn't really much/any incentive to make more than one of each type of character.  You can change your build whenever you want to for absolutely no penalty and you get the same skills per character no matter what.  Aside from that though I love it.

    I got Deadspace off the marketplace recently and have been loving that one.  I will definitely be getting the sequels when I'm finished with the first.  I usually hate paying for a game thats linear & sort of a 'one & done' type of thing.  But So far Deadspace has been worth it.


    And I've been playing the shit out of the madden25 demo with my roommate (for lack of a better term...'compound-mate' I guess?) so I went ahead and ordered the full game.  Shitty reviews be damned, the game is fun.