• Jeff K.

    There's gotta be more than three football fans on these forums. This is ridiculous. I'm in three different pools with other music people, so I know they're out there.

    • Gfunk

      If "these forums" did not blow goats, maybe more donkeys / potential ESP customers would paticipate.


      It amazes me how much revenue ESP (Japville) is willing to walk away from given this new joke of a forum.


      I can confidenty deduce the decision making of the ballbags at ESP/LTD USA will soon be recycled into postings at career builder and monster dot com.


      Grow some.


    • Zorlac

      Hey now funk

      lets not start talking about the forums sucking before he starts up the "I'm gonna nuke it" threats again.

      i agree 100% though. We had at least 3x people posting. On any given day in every thread. It was nearly impossible to keep up with all the NGDs, show developments, game scores, politcal bullshit, and music news. Now it's a bump or two maybe every other day.


      dont get me wrong. I'll still take this over nothing. But I can't help but feel that just because of the old forum's passing, a respectable size chunk of revenue has been lost @ esp