• The G.

    not pictured

    -A780GM-A Black series motherboard w/Athlon II x250 for my upcoming MAME cabinet project. paid $80

    -OCM 50gb SSD for the above mobo. new egg'd at $35

    with pics

    -won a 12 pack of Intune GP 60mm gripp x's from one of their recent contests

    -decided to try out Gravity Pick's Stealth pick. ordered the Green 3mm, but the orange 4mm came along with it! both are great picks and feel great when playing. $12 something shipped.

    -then picked up a Cooler Master V6 for the above mobo. this thing is a beast! i thought my v8 was chunky, but this beats it. another CL score for $20. all i need is to snag the amd brackets off the CM store this weekend and that'll be another step towards MAME goodness.

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