• Tegamal

    I wish one of my friends would get an Xbox One, I'd like to try it out. With the games coming out for the PS4, though, I feel that's the system for me.

    • Hmantooth

      The way I see it, the PS4 is the console for people who still consider themselves Hardcore Gamers. Its designed to be purely a games console so it will excel in that respect. I just dont have the time to be gaming all that much these days so I wanted something a bit more casual and media orientated. I reckon both consoles will do well and il end up with a PS4 down the line sometime when the price has dropped. I ended up with an XBone cos a mate bought 2 and basically let me have his second one on a monthly payment setup. I was plannng to wait until Feb/March originally.

      Im pretty impressed with it, the Kinect works a hell of a lot better then I thought it would. Theres still some interface issues to iron out and a lack of decent games at reasonable prices at the moment but with Titanfall, Watchdogs and Destiny on the horizon im ok to wait. DR3 is a lot of fun!